Starting With ‘Why’ This New Year

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by Alejandro Estrella 

Would you go on a hiking tour into the Brazilian jungle without a guide?


Probably not. 


So starting without a deeply rooted, and meaningful ‘why’ is like doing just that. And if you start without a powerful ‘why’, when the going gets tough (which it will), you will give up and have wasted your most valuable asset  - TIME. 


This is an all too common experience for both companies and individuals, which is why in his international bestselling book  - ‘Start with Why’, author and speaker Simon Sinek proposes the concept of the Golden Circle and the importance of finding your ‘why’ has in achieving any major goal in work or personal life.  


“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” 


Sinek explains that a powerful ‘why’ and it’s powerful connection to meaning is the key difference between global companies like Apple, Microsoft, et al. and everyone else.  


Years of working at advertising giants like Ogilvy & Mather and Euro RSCG has given Sinek a deep understanding of what drives consumer behavior. He knows people buy with their emotions and justify it with their reasoning. We buy because of what products make us feel and then justify our purchase with all it’s amazing features. 


But the power of the ‘why’ doesn’t stop there. Because if your dream is larger a big one, you’re going to need people to help. And as Sinek explains, people will work for a paycheck but they’ll stay for your ‘why’. One of the most successful cases of this is the Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. 


“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” 



Try this!


So pull out an A4 piece of paper, draw the circles with plenty of space and start writing. And before you start writing, feel. Feel as deeply as you can behind why you want what it is that you want and write what comes to mind for this first 3 minutes. 


Next, start to think about what resources you have that you can use to begin to make this a reality. Resources may be relationships, knowledge, money, anything. 


Finally write what it is you need to do NOW in order to get this going. This outer most circle is reserved for verbs — action words: call…, write email to…, read…, etc. 


See Simon’s full talk here to get more details and inspiration but more importantly for taking action. 



Get your 'why'! 


Alejandro & your Ventures Team 

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