How to Start Using New Year’s 365

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by Alejandro Estrella 


Christmas was very different this year but here we are; we got through it!


A society is brought together by it’s values and we all made sacrifices this year in the true spirit of the holidays which is to care for one another; to come together (by being apart) to keep each other healthy and safe.


We took this time write to friends, talk with family, be grateful for our many blessings and catch up on some much-needed reading. We hope you enjoyed some of our book suggestions and now have a clearer vision of what your inner-most desire is. We hope you’ve found your WHY and are fired up for a fresh start in 2021!


Now, as we set our eyes on the new year it is natural to begin thinking about new year‘s resolutions. 


BUT STOP! Don’t even go there! Here’s why.

New Year‘s Resolutions DO NOT work. Why? Because we don’t know how to make them.


But the Ventures Team has Life-Hacked the resolutions making process and wants to share it with you now. 

Your Why.

Now that you have your ‘Why’, you’re 1/3 of the way there. Your why is the critical element to you starting anything because in anything worth doing, you’re going to be met with challenges and if you’re ‘why’ isn’t strong enough, you will not see it through. So please, take the time to really sit and think about what really drives you. 


It’s a powerful tool and essential to getting a clear ‘Why’.

Your How - Start with the End in Mind and Work Backwards.

Researching your why will help you begin asking the right questions which will answer how you are going to achieve your goals. Your ‘how’ will be a series of steps you will take in order to achieve your goal. This may seem obvious or even easy but don’t be fooled. Sometimes the steps you need to take in order to achieve the larger goal might become smaller goals themselves. 


This is where a lot of people get caught up. A big dream in the sky is nice but once you start to break that dream down into achievable steps, it can quickly become overwhelming. Complexity has a way of scaring some people away but you belong to the 2bAhead Ventures family and that means you’ve probably got some fire inside. So we’ll let you in on a little secret; that fear you get right after you’ve started planning your goal and you see the steps to make it a reality is the fear of failure. 


We all have that tiny nagging voice saying “What if I fail?” It haunts us for the simple reason that over the years our psychology has evolved to fear loss more than the possibility of gain. In our evolutionary past, it was much safer to hold on to what you had than to risk losing it for more gain. And while that may have worked in the past, our society has changed in many ways and now allows us to take on more risks with more protections from ruin. Financial ruin is no longer a death sentence (for those who persist).


The reason this is important to note, is because it means that when we give into fear, we are making decisions based on ancient mental hang-ups; on old information, and that is never good. 


So meet the challenge head on and break it up into smaller, more achievable goals with dead-lines in mind. Not only is it more practical, but every small victory along the way will fuel you further!

The Secret Sauce

Every formula or recipe has the secret sauce. Sometimes it’s obvious and other times it’s surprising. We can summarize the secret to achievement in one word  -  accountability.


Accountability is the time-tested way to make your dreams a reality. It is important to note that different people have different ways of holding themselves accountable. Some people are very disciplined and can make little ‘deals’ with themselves. They will say something like ‘if I don’t get this [insert task] done, then I don’t get that [reward].


While others thrive better when they have others hold them accountable so they require a social push. You need to find out which one of these you are and hold yourself accountable that way. If you are like me, you have a small circle of close friends. A master-mind group. And when you set out a new goal for yourself, you tell them about it so whenever you talk to them, you have to talk to them about how the project is coming along. If they are good friends they will ask you and hold you accountable if you have not worked towards that goal. This is my way because I learn by discussion and by doing. You must find what works for you but rest assured, if you haven’t secured accountability before you start the task, odds are it won’t happen.


This formula is one of a few very simple but powerful tools in the toolbox of Billionaires everywhere. Simple does not mean easy. It will require time, patience, and practice; and practice means failure from time to time.


“if you aren’t failing, you aren’t innovating enough” - Elon Musk


But if your why is strong enough, your how-tasks small enough, and you hold yourself accountable (these three things!), you will be amazed at the results in 2021.


A final note on failure. We invite you this year to re-frame the idea of failure and what it means. We are presently living in a post-industrial culture that has sought to standardize in a way so that anything deviating from the standard is considered a failure. This makes sense when you’re working in a factory and standardization is key, but much of the western world is now heavily service-based and the employees are now ‘knowledge workers’. And working with knowledge is constantly growing and changing due to new variables. This means it’s messy and requires flexible creative solutions. 


Failure means you’ve done something. By doing things we gather data. By gathering data we learn, and by learning we grow. So this year we invite you to embrace a new mindset for failure and venture into something new; remembering that bravery is not the absence of fear but the feeling of fear and doing it anyways.



Stay real. Stay light and as American Writer Mark Twain reminds us,

“Why not go out on a limb? It’s where the fruit is!”


Alejandro & your Ventures Team 

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