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Events: Ventures Connect 5.0 & Founders Event

Leipzig, 18.12.18 - Shortly before the Christmas break, our office was once again in a wild state - the occasion was our fifth Connect Event. But before that we invited to a Founder's Patenting Session, which was led by 2b AHEAD Ventures CEO Stefan Jenzowsky. We gained insight into which products and processes are patentable, how the writing process works and what has to be taken into account. 


Our guests at the second, later event were: Sebastian Becker, Chief Commercial Officer at RIDDLE&CODE from Vienna and Klaus Dibbern, Advisor at Wingcopter. They talked about hurdles and experiences within their respective industries and talked about their companies. Afterwards there was a Q&A round moderated by Stefan Jenzowsky. We are happy that the two were our guests and we wish you all a happy new year!



Highlight: apetito Digital Lab by 2b AHEAD Ventures


 We have been working closely with apetito and Volksbank Mittweida to identify business model ideas in their respective industries, to find founders and to set up new startups. At the same time, we have been setting up Digital Labs and different teams in their industries to get started on founding new companies. 




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2b AHEAD Ventures ist ein in Leipzig ansässiger Inkubator, der die Zukunftsprognosen des 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks zu Geschäftsmodellen und Startups macht. // 

2b AHEAD Ventures is a Leipzig-based incubator that turns the future forecasts of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank into business models and start-ups.


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