2b AHEAD Draper Bootcamp 2019


2b AHEAD Ventures and Draper University are excited to invite Germany's startup scene this year again to one of the most extraordinary bootcamps in Germany.


Draper University was founded by Tim Draper, the legendary Silicon Valley venture capitalist who invested in companies such as Baidu, Tesla and Skype. 2b AHEAD is Europe’s leading future institute and has with 2b AHEAD Ventures his own company builder, based in Leipzig, Germany. Together we invite Germany's most ambitious startup enthusiasts and (potential) founders to an intensive bootcamp. Therefore, a team of experienced coaches and investors from Silicon Valley will be in Leipzig May 21 & 22, 2019.


In this intensive two-day Startup Bootcamp we enable 100 startup enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to live the Silicon Valley spirit and receive professional world-class support. Participants of the Startup Bootcamp will learn how to validate ideas quickly using e.g. the lean startup method. Moreover, they learn how to develop their own prototypes even with little technical knowledge. Participants will also learn which key factors are crucial for the growth of their startup. In doing so, they deal intensively with financing, dealings with potential customers and the further development of products. The experienced Silicon Valley coaches will also teach participants how to build a network with the appropriate range. At the end of the Startup Bootcamp, the entrepreneurs have the chance to pitch in front of an expert jury and receive valuable feedback.


 The participation in the Startup Bootcamp is free of charge. Due to our American coaches the Bootcamp will be in English.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Paul:

Please apply here until Friday, April 12




We want to connect people as often as we can. We provide prospective entrepreneurs with the utensils they need to set up a company successfully by means of lectures and recommendations. In addition, we regularly discuss topics related to (current) 2b AHEAD research.


That's why our Meetups address questions like:


  • "Do we need immortality? Is it even possible to strive for them?" - Immortality
  • "With artificial intelligence to a new form of society?" - Artificial Intelligence and the Civilization of Bots
  • "How do we want to work in the future?" - New Work


This January, we invited our partner university in the USA, Draper University, to the three-day "2b AHEAD Draper Bootcamp" in Leipzig. At the Summer University, prospective founders had the opportunity to absorb insider knowledge from Silicon Valley. With our CEO, Stefan Jenzowsky, and our Venture Manager Joe Natoli, we have an excellent foundation to bring secrets of company foundation to all of you.


We also host Ventures Connect and Ventures Founder Events. We are not only always looking for people with whom we can realize our ideas, but we also invite visionaries, lateral thinkers and future lovers of the region into our rooms. 



If we have any upcoming events, you'll find out here! Check out our Facebook and Meetup pages aswell.


2b AHEAD Ventures ist ein in Leipzig ansässiger Inkubator, der die Zukunftsprognosen des 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks zu Geschäftsmodellen und Startups macht. // 

2b AHEAD Ventures is a Leipzig-based incubator that turns the future forecasts of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank into business models and start-ups.


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