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Are you looking for a new professional challenge? 2b AHEAD Ventures is the newest incubator and company builder in Leipzig. We are growing steadily and our need for new employees is correspondingly high, both at 2b AHEAD Ventures directly and at our newly founded start-ups.



If you want to change the world with us, give us a sign! We would be happy to give you an insight into our activities and show you how you can go your way together with us. Contact us here!


At the moment the following positions are open:



2b AHEAD Ventures ist ein in Leipzig ansässiger Inkubator, der die Zukunftsprognosen des 2b AHEAD ThinkTanks zu Geschäftsmodellen und Startups macht. // 

2b AHEAD Ventures is a Leipzig-based incubator that turns the future forecasts of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank into business models and start-ups.


2b AHEAD Ventures

Spinnereistr. 7 I Halle 20E

04179 Leipzig

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