How Staycations Can Get You Your Heart's Desire

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by Alejandro Estrella 

Let’s be honest.


Most of us have a list of holiday things we want to do, that is longer than we would like. We plan and plan but struggle to find the time and space to get it all done. And even if we are able to get all of it done, we are left exhausted and knowing that most of the time was spent with other people. And the things we needed to do for ourselves keep getting pushed back…again.


Well this year can be different!


Millions of us will limit our movement and reunions this Christmas season which will probably be the longest and largest stay-cation in EU history. But where some see disruption, we see opportunity!


We see this stay-cation as an opportunity to work on the entrepreneur’s most valuable asset the mind.

So we’ve prepared a short list of some books hand-picked from our library to help you get the most from these cold and dark days inside.



The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

The Obstacle is the Way (2014) - Even as a college drop-out, Ryan Holiday managed to make a name for himself, becoming a sought after marketer and media manipulator. In this book, Holiday draws from the ancient lessons of stoic philosophy to help people re-frame their experiences to see opportunity in every obstacle. 

By examining the struggles of historical figures of inspiring resilience, Holiday shows not only how obstacles couldn’t stop them, but more importantly, how these people thrived precisely because of the obstacles. Holiday shows how we can turn obstacles to our advantage, and how we can transform apparent roadblocks into success, both in our businesses and our personal lives.


This book is for:

  • Anyone working for a business during tough economic times
  • Anyone working at a startup facing great challenges to get off the ground
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to better deal with inevitable hardships


About the Autor: 

Ryan Holiday, best-selling author of Trust Me I’m Lying (also available in blinks), is a media strategist and director of marketing at American Apparel. His media strategies are used as case studies by Google, YouTube and Twitter.

Makers by Chris Anderson

Makers (2012) outlines the radical changes that are taking place in the manufacturing world, made possible by the internet and digital manufacturing technologies, and explores its implications for business and society.


This book is for:

  • Anyone who wants to know more about new business models and new technologies
  • Anyone interested in 3D printing and open hardware
  • Anyone interested in the future of manufacturing


About the Autor:

Chris Anderson is a journalist, entrepreneur and author of the internationally acclaimed books The Long Tale and Free. He is also the former editor-in-chief of technology magazine Wired and CEO of the drone manufacturer 3D Robotics.

The Lean Start-Up by Eric Ries

The Lean Start-Up (2011) helps startups and tech companies develop sustainable business models. It advocates continuous rapid prototyping and focusing on customer-feedback data. The method is based on the concepts of lean manufacturing and agile development, and its efficacy is backed up by case studies from the last few decades.


This book is for:

  • Anyone interested in entrepreneurship and/or in starting their own company
  • Anyone interested in quick product development and testing
  • Founders, managers and employees in tech companies


About the Autor:

Eric Ries is a successful entrepreneur. He co-founded IMVU, a social network that uses 3D avatars. Today he is a sought-after consultant and public speaker.

There is plenty more where that came from but these gems should be a great start to help keep you sharp over this Christmas season.

So, which one is your favorite? 


Stay safe, stay home, stay in a good state of mind! 

'Merry Christmas'!


Alejandro & your Ventures Team 

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