2b AHEAD Ventures - Your external innovation hub for disruptive times


2b AHEAD Ventures works as an early-stage company builder in the pre-seed and seed phases. 2b AHEAD ThinkTank's corporate customers use 2b AHEAD Ventures as an external innovation laboratory. With the expertise of 2b AHEAD, companies incubate their own future models. Selected customers also have the opportunity to set up their own Digital Labs in a joint venture with 2b AHEAD Ventures. They are thus building up a modern innovation management system for disruptive times.


2b AHEAD Ventures' services include the in-house development of start-ups and their subsequent sale to corporate customers or VC investors, as well as the joint implementation of innovative business ideas with corporate customers right from the start.


The services of 2b AHEAD Ventures at a glance:

  • Research and examination of business model ideas to be implemented
  • Acquisition of founders and composition of teams
  • Provision of the premises for the startups
  • Ensuring professional support and advice for startups
  • Inclusion of startups in the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank network
  • Support and supervision of start-ups in the pre-seed phase (approx. six months)


The 2b AHEAD ThinkTank and 2b AHEAD Ventures are strong partners to help you develop disruptive, data-driven business models of the future. We would be happy to make you an individual offer. We are looking forward to your inquiry to Carolin Schön.