Are you ready to start a business?


We are always looking for founders to implement business model innovations with us. No matter if you are a student, a graduate or a potential dropout - if you are motivated and willing, you are welcome to work with us.


We also look forward to working with you if you are dissatisfied with your current job and want something new, or your first startup was not successful. We do not assume that you have your own business model ideas or have already founded a company in the past. In addition, you don't have to bring your own capital or invest your own money - but a lot of willpower, motivation and manpower.


After the foundation of your startup you will work in the premises of the 2b AHEAD Institute in the old Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig-Plagwitz. We accompany and support you during the first six months, the pre-seed phase. We will provide you with the budget for this first phase of the start-up incubation. With this budget you budget yourself. So you not only pay your own salary, but also service providers if you need external support. Working at 2b AHEAD gives you access to our unique network and a team of experts. For an optimal support, you will also get a strategic founder at your side. We specifically address our strategic partners so that they become a part of your start-up right from the start. This will ensure that you have an industry expert at your side and receive support.


2b AHEAD Ventures has access to a large network of successful and interesting entrepreneurs and strategic partners through its connection to the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank. Our network comprises over 1,500 strategy leaders, technology leaders and innovation leaders in European and international business. In this network you will find not only your strategic founder but also the future strategic partners, investors, buyers and customers for your startup.



What do you get? You have the opportunity to work on a business idea that suits you, you don't need to bring any start-up capital, and you also get majority shares in the company!



We offer you:

  • Budget for the pre-seed phase
  • Matching with a strategic founder
  • Access to 2b AHEAD's unique network

Would you like to get to know us and learn more about our current business model ideas?


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