We want to help connect people as often as we can. We provide prospective entrepreneurs with the information and tools they need to start a company successfully by means of lectures, workshops, bootcamps, and recommendations. In addition, we regularly discuss topics related to (current) 2b AHEAD research.


That's why our Meetups address questions like:

  • "Do we need immortality? Is it even possible to strive for this?" - Immortality
  • "With artificial intelligence, do we move to a new form of society?" - Artificial Intelligence and the Civilization of Bots
  • "How do we want to work in the future?" - New Work

This January, we invited our partner university in the USA, Draper University, to the three-day "2b AHEAD Draper Bootcamp" in Leipzig. At the Summer University, prospective founders had the opportunity to absorb insider knowledge from Silicon Valley. With our CEO, Stefan Jenzowsky, and our Venture Manager from Silicon Valley, Joe Natoli, we have an excellent foundation to bring secrets of company foundation to all of you.


We also host Ventures Connect and Ventures Founder Events, as we are always looking for people with whom we can realize our ideas, but we also invite visionaries, lateral thinkers, and future lovers of the region into our rooms. 


If we have any upcoming events, you'll find out here! Check out our Facebook and Meetup pages as well.