2b AHEAD Draper Bootcamp


It's finally time again: 2b AHEAD Ventures and Draper University are inviting the most ambitious prospective founders, and those who already are, to the 2b AHEAD Draper Bootcamp on 21 and 22 May 2019. On two days we will give 100 entrepreneurs an insight into Silicon Valley ways of thinking and strategies. For this occasion especially, we are inviting a team of experienced coaches and investors from Silicon Valley.



2b AHEAD Ventures is the German cooperation partner of Draper University. Tim Draper is a billionaire and one of the best known VC investors in the USA. With his funds he has invested in Baidu, Tesla, Skype and hundreds more startups. With the goal of teaching entrepreneurship in a completely new way, he founded Draper University in 2012 with a unique curriculum for young entrepreneurs, founders, executives and investors. In the city of San Meteo in Silicon Valley, a small campus was established called "Herocity". The cooperation with Draper offers the 2b AHEAD startups the opportunity to focus on the American market at an early stage and to obtain significant follow-up financing after the seed phase.




The Draper Bootcamp is aimed at existing startups as well as prospective founders who would like to set up a business in the future. Participants learn how to quickly validate ideas using the Lean Startup Method and Design Thinking, how to develop their own prototypes even with limited technical knowledge, and build a killer pitch deck. In addition, the participants learn, which key factors are decisive for the growth of their start-up, tools to validate their customer, and beyond! All of this was facilitated by experienced Silicon Valley investors and founders. At the end of the Bootcamp, the entrepreneurs pitched in front of a jury of experts with the support of the coaches and received valuable feedback. 



Speakers and Coaches


Gina has over 30 years of international experience training, educating and coaching entrepreneurs, executives, and business teams through her high intensity live events. Her most famous coachee: Tim Draper himself! Her diverse background as a personal development expert, former business attorney and CFO for a financial firm brings a wealth of wisdom and practical advice for getting you to the next level of success and joy in life!


Juan is a startup beast! Not only does he invest in first-stage startups and host a daily Startup News Podcast in Spanish, but he is the director of Draper University. His inspiring story is way too vast to boil it down to a few sentences, so you might aswell read about it here: https://medium.com/draper-university-of-heroes/a-young-immigrants-journey-to-venture-capital-startups-and-living-the-american-dream-afcc12e77a0c